Monday, December 05, 2016

Week 48: #richbitch | The Good Things in Life Are Free

When I switched to working part-time now over two months ago, I knew of course that working 40% less time obviously comes with the catch of earning 40% less money (gross) as well.  So much for the theory. I have to admit that it took me these past two months to actually come to realise that it's time to be a bit more frugal and "domestic". It's not that I live on the brink of poverty now, VERY far from it, but having a good 1500€ (after tax) less of pocket money every month does make a difference. Also, my previous job role (the one I had up to March this year) came with a lot of travelling. While on a business trip, you basically don't need money as you are out wining and dining and having fun on company money, while you can switch off the heating at home and don't need to touch your own money other than for souvenir shopping. It's a simple equation: when you have more time that you are not working, it is tempting to just go on long weekend breaks or pamper yourself. I have done both in the recent past, but have come to the realisation that just because you have a day off does not mean that you *have* to spend it having breakfast, lunch and dinner at restaurants, with Starbucks treats in between and now is a very good time to shop your wardrobe and tackle the huge pile of unread books rather than just accumulate new things. Truth be told, I am loving it, and as with all things that you have pretty much on tap, you stop appreciating them and regarding them as a treat. Sometimes you are so caught up in a routine, that you don't question it and are actually quite grateful if circumstances force you to take a step back and reconsider what you have been doing for the past years. I certainly am.


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