Monday, October 03, 2016

Week 39: Away from it All | Uplugged

I had SUCH a nice week in/on Ibiza. I enjoyed the last rays of sunshine this summer, saw spectacular sunsets every night, read 2 books by the pool, realised just how long my phone battery lasts when I have WiFi switched off and don't "need" to check social media or e-mails in 2-minute intervals, visited the famous place that provided the soundtrack to my early naughties (did all your friends own all volumes of the Café del Mar lounge music series as well and every time you were at a dinner party the same songs would be playing in the background?) and had a great time people-watching and bitching about badly dressed Brits. PPS and I discovered we were an absolute minority since a) wearing clothes that actually covered more than 15% of our bodies and b) did not have a single (real) tattoo. Hope your week was a good one too.


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