Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 37: Adrenaline | Never a Dull Moment

"Boring" and "predictable" are arguably the most dangerous adjectives ever. They have certainly been known to make me do my fair share of stupid things after they have bubbled under the surface for a long time. But not only stupid: when I was a student and had little money, but a lot of free time and a new sewing machine, I would redecorate my first apartment in Vienna in short intervals, usually by buying a large amount of cheap fabric and making new cushion covers. In a parallel universe, I'm an interior decorator. Boredom and predictability played an important role in me quitting my long-term relationship of 11 years and job of 9 years in short succession. Both were pretty traumatic and tearful at the beginning, but at the same time I still had no doubts that it was the right decision and if nothing else, it has taught me that if you can survive scary shit once, you can do so again, with the added bonus of knowing that you'll come through at the other end. Part of me also loves flirting with drama to some extent and the feeling that "ANYthing could happen" to me, with a certain amount of cluelessness paired with an equal dose of recklessness makes me as excited as it has me afraid.
I am currently in exactly such a phase where I feel I keep replacing the master-script to my life and every time I have found it and have immersed myself in the next chapter, some major editing occurs by other contributors to the document and I think "Oh, that could be quite interesting, too. Why not". 
I may have sleepless nights and a head exploding with questions, but I am certainly enjoying the possibilities.
In other notes, my bag collection embraced one of my absolute dream bags recently. But this deserves a separate post.


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