Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 29: Seize the Day | Wake-up Call

Last Sunday, I was pretty shaken by news that my long-term boyfriend TD's father, whom I knew of course, died following a tragic accident. Even though he was relatively old and had had a full life, I was shocked that literally one wrong step could result in death and bring sadness to a family. At the same time, an acquaintance's 7-year-old has just recently diagnosed with very aggressive leukemia, to name just a few things tragic I heard these past days. 
Life may be good or even great one moment and the next it can all be upset and you wonder how you could have moped about your miserable job, your fat thighs, or not finding the right shoes to match your dress. It does not need a crazy psychopath or terrorist attack to wreak havoc on your or your loved ones' lives, it can be a simple coincidence. All the more reason to make sure to fully enjoy every moment of your life, change things while you can, and be kind to the people you love - you don't know how long they will be around.


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