Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 23: At First Sight (Not What You Think!) | Girl Crush

Something interesting happened last Monday. I was early for an art performance by "Frida" (4 performers were scheduled before her and the first one had not even begun), and shortly after me, a friend of hers and her daughter joined us at our table. It was strange that we had never met as they have known each other for over 20 years and Frida often organises parties where she merges her various circles of friends, so I have come to meet a lot of her artist, mothers-of-her-kids'-friends, gym class buddy, neighbours, and other friends. Be that as it may, I instantly hit it off with that friend, S. Had she been a man, it would have been the perfect date and I would have fallen head over heals in love with her - same wavelength, lovely manners, funny banter, great sense of humour. I think the feeling was mutual and I could not help wishing it was so easy with encounters with the opposite sex - no need to play cool, but "permission" to signal to the other person you find them amazing.


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