Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 16: Second-Hand-Drama | It's only a job

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Last week, I was reminded that it's not always me who every now and again wonders if she will ever find a job that feels like a true vocation, not just a more or less convenient way to sponsor my increasingly expensive handbag habit. Two people told me they were this close to quitting, extremely disappointed by their management and didn't feel valued. I told them what I keep telling myself in such situations - it's only a job. Not much comfort if you don't have a plan B, just as little comfort it is to hear similar platitudes in relationship crises. When your current job or (wannabe) relationship sucks and you feel the whole world has conspired agains you, it is so incredibly hard to believe that "the One" job or partner is out there somewhere. I should feel comfort that it's not just rainbows and unicorns for others, either, but it just makes me mad that most people have to put up with so much sh*t at the place where we spend so much time. Not worth it.


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