Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 15: Ahead | One Step at a Time

I had a somewhat weird week. It was actually good, work-wise since I was thrilled to have things to do after what felt like a hiatus of months, if not *cough* years, but I was still in a weird state of constant alert for most part of the week as if I had been hooked up to a caffeine drip. Nope, no difference to my Starbucks routine there, but I was just very hyper in a slightly disconcerting way. The kind of hyper where you wake up from 8 hours of sleep feeling everything but rested. There are several things bugging me somewhat seriously, with the share of work/private being about 30/70, and while I have optimistic and productive moments, there are (many) others when I just feel like panicking. I am positive that everything will be fine in the end (if there is one thing I believe, it is this), but when exactly "in the end" will is still not crystal clear. I keep telling myself I can see the top of the metaphorical staircase though.


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