Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 14: Growing Apart | It's Not You, It's Me

Last week I was back in Dublin after an absence of over a year. Since the European HQ of The Firm is located there, I used to visit at least once a year on average, but due to my sabbatical and other factors had not reason to visit last year. Dublin is like an ex-boyfriend for me. I remember that we once were very close (when I spent an Erasmus year there in the mid 1990s, I thought it was the coolest city on earth, pretty much), but now cannot really see the attraction any more as both of us have changed a lot in the past almost 20 years and we both know that we won't get back together. Despite its sleek exterior in some parts of the city, the city has come pretty run-down and is one massive building site in the city centre. Most unique Irish stores have been replaced by international chains (like everywhere else, of course) and in general, a lot of Dublin's somewhat provincial charm has long been lost in my personal opinion. I'll always be glad to be back for business, but cannot remember the last time I considered spending a holiday there. 


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