Thursday, March 03, 2016

Miss and Hit

More than two weeks ago, my colleague who is also a member of various "gated shopping communities" asked me if I had seen that Westwing was selling preloved Louis Vuitton bags. I had not as this was one newsletter I had long taken to filter and mark as read to bypass my inbox and reduce chances of me buying random s*** on a daily basis. Well, back to the LV bags - there were lots of boring monogram classics, which are not my style and then 2 bags in Epi leather, one of which I liked. It first appeared as "currently in another member's shopping basket" for ages until I managed to grab it. Result! The price was decent and I thought it was a good idea to buy from a realiable site who would authenticate the bags. I was counting the days until it arrived and when it finally did this Monday, I was disappointed and ended up sending it bag. The condition was worse than described or visible on the photos and, worst of all, the bag smelled AWFUL. Think your granny's cellar or attic that hasn't been aired for 50+ years and multiply that smell by 5. I could not imagine putting any belongings of mine there. I mean, if the bag had cost 60 as opposed to 600 Euros, I would have considered it, but at that price...It was obviously not meant to be and I am not that much of a bucket bag type of person after all.

The day after this bag miss, I was rewarded with a hit. Last week, as I was killing time at the office, I put some "luxury items" of mine on Willhaben and also some other platforms. Nobody has yet expressed interest, but in an idle moment or two, I started researching what preloved LV bags could be found there. Again, lots of monogram bags in various conditions and a handful of decent ones. Among them, I found an old listing for a rare bag (that I had not known before, but I did my homework, researching the year of release, data code, etc) that is a lovely dusty lilac colour and called "Verseau" (=Aquarius, which is my star sign). It is in excellent condition and the owner delivered it to me downtown yesterday. It cost way less than the blue one and is in pristine condition. I already wore it to work yesterday and am very happy with my purchase.
Now I only need to keep my fingers crossed that somebody will buy my advertised things because I already have some other items bookmarked...


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