Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 6: Unexpected | An Offline "Like" from an Archangel

Last Tuesday, something happened that made me smile all day to the point where random strangers stopped to look after me or smile my way. My day started with something unexpected and quite flattering. As on most weekdays, I got my daily Starbucks fix ("grande skinny melange with one pump vanilla syrup to go") at their Michaelerplatz branch and was window-shopping my way down Kohlmarkt en route to the office. I had almost reached the Firm's address, takeout coffee in hand, when steps that I had heard behind me for a while caught up with me and a male voice said "Excuse me!" I stopped to turn to the stranger and looked at him expectantly, thinking he would ask for directions or tell me I had dropped something. In fact what he said was "Forgive me, this is going to sound weird and cheesy now, probably, but I have watched you for a while and you looked so nice that I wanted to ask you if you would perhaps have a coffee with me..." He looked as if he totally expected me to dismiss him and politely decline, but he was actually really good-looking and since I am NOT the type of person who often gets asked out on a coffee-date by handsome sober men in broad daylight I was flattered and told him that I was on my way to work (never mind that I had a coffee in my hand already, there is only so much caffeine you can take on a given Tuesday morning), but happy to take him up on his kind offer another time. I asked him for his name (one of the archangels) and if he also worked nearby and, on a whim, gave him my card, telling him "well, since you don't look like your average chain-saw murderer, here's my name and number". Once we had established where I worked and in fact reached my office, I asked him what he did for a living and he, quite solemnly, replied, "take a guess, I obviously look so typical for my profession, everyone tends to guess right." And I did, at the first try. He's an architect and everyone who knows me will find this ex-treme-ly funny as I always say that this is the "sexiest job" a man could possibly have in my book. We then said our goodbyes, him repeating that his offer for coffee was still valid.
Sure enough, he hasn't called. Men. Even if he ended up stalking me online and found out I was considerably older than him (likely) and decided not to call for this or whatever (lost the card/was abducted by aliens/had a sudden onset of dementia) reason (just as likely) or simply and sadly is some kind of pick-up artist acting out a dare by his mates (you never know) he does get kudos for approaching me and putting a smile on my face for a day. 


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