Monday, December 28, 2015

Things that Made Me Happy Last Week: Week 52

1. Spending a harmonious Christmas with my parents and even if it wasn't a White Christmas, at least  enjoying wintery temperatures.
2. Binge reading. Lying on the couch practically all day is one of my favourite activities during the Christmas holidays. My mum got the latest book in the autobiographical series by Joachim Meyerhoff and since my parents raved so much about the books I got curious. They only own parts 2 and 3, having borrowed the first from a friend and so I downloaded it to my Kindle. I got completely sucked in and 2 days later had read them all. If you love autobiographies and crazy families (and read German) I strongly recommend you read the books.
3. A colleague who I don't have much contact with, really, wishing me a Merry Christmas, adding "and thanks for all the things you did for us". I'm a bit like the "Mum" of our office, bringing in cakes and taking charge of random admin stuff. I do all this voluntarily, but having someone acknowledge it felt good.


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