Monday, November 16, 2015

Things that Made Me Happy Last Week: Week 46

1. Seeing Vienna get into the Christmas spirit and being able to give one of my favourite team-mates whom the Lufthansa strike brought to Vienna for a few hours a whistle stop tour of the city centre.
2. Striking the right balance of being out (almost every night) and enjoying my flat.
3. I went to a Händel Oratorium, where a friend of mine was one of the soloists, and one of the two cellists turned out to be my classmate whom I had not seen for 25 years. I briefly talked to him in the break and we assured each other that we had not changed at all since we were 18 ;-) Coming from a family of musicians he was very talented and ambitious from a young age and thanks to the passionate talks about his instrument ("my cello has a soul") he gave to the class, I have had a soft spot for this cellos (and cellists) ever since.


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