Thursday, October 22, 2015

Best Friends

As you know, I have travelled quite a lot this year, both for business and pleasure. Let me introduce my 3 favourite travel companions, or 4 rather, that are my absolute must-haves other than my lucky ring which I never go on a trip without.
1. BOSE noise-cancelling headphones. Outrageously expensive, out-of-this-world amazing. Seriously, if you want to have peace and quiet on any type of public transport and block out unwanted noises (including conversations) or enjoy onboard entertainment in decent quality, this is the best investment ever.
2. A coin-purse. I love my little Rebecca Minkoff one with my initial. There are many countries (like Japan for example) where you need coins for a lot of things (e.g. subway tickets) and it is way more convenient and also safer not to have to fumble for your big wallet which also holds your cards, every time. I usually keep this purse in a pocket of my jacket or jeans to have it within easy reach.
3. A second smartphone to use with a prepaid local (data) SIM. This was an invaluable combo for navigation in particular in Japan where street signs are sparse and don't follow any kind of logic. Really, it was a life saver. I was sad when my Nexus 5 (the one pictured above) all of a sudden died in California last week, just as the warranty has expired of course.


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