Monday, December 09, 2019


For as long as I can remember, these two facts about me were carved in stone: I can't sing and I am bad at sports. I have repeatedly been asked not to sing out loud (and each time I was not offended, but sympathetic, rather), but recently got the feedback that my singing is not that bad actually. Hmmm. Not so convinced, myself, but nothing keeps me from singing at the top of my lungs when alone in my car anyway.
Also, I still remember being the clumsiest child in my class at PE by far to the point of my teacher asking me if I have had a traumatising experience with sports as I was literally shaking with fear when asked to do some gymnastics "stunts". 
I still hate running (why in the world do people do that voluntarily?!) unless it is with a purpose, i.e. to catch a bus, hate cycling uphill as it makes me want to vomit, but I am a passionate skier (and pretty decent at it), really enjoy badminton and swimming outdoors is one of my favourite pleasures in the summer months. 
Maybe I'm a mildly sporty, comparatively tone deaf singer after all? Sometimes it's hard to give up an image that has defined you for years.

Monday, December 02, 2019

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...


Every year, I love preparing my little flat here in Vienna for Christmas and going all out with decorating, baking and all the rest. I would not miss it for the world! It is slightly ironic, though,  as I've never actually celebrated Christmas here in Vienna, but always in Klagenfurt with my parents. This year is no different, with the exception that my "Happy Merry" lightbox reflects my current mood very accurately. For me, Christmas is a family affair and I don't think along the lines of "All I want for Christmas is YOU" at all. Highflyer has to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year anyway and even if he did not, I would expect him to celebrate with his family. For me, birthdays (as in: mine or my loved ones, not Jesus') are way more important and I do expect the royal treatment then rather than on Christmas. Christmas time for me is a tradition more than anything and an excellent excuse to indulge in some of my favourite things: gift-giving, baking and decorating.
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