Monday, December 23, 2019


In German Christmas is often referred to as the "holiday of love", i.e. the time we spend with our loved ones whom we give gifts to. Even though I literally only exchange gifts with a handful of people these days (for which fact I am indeed thankful) it is definitely the time of year when I am at my most sentimental and generous and think of less privileged others more than usual. Charitable organisations know this and in the month of December I probably found letters encouraging me to donate money in my postbox every day. Last week, I gave a tiny box of Lindt chocolates with "Thank You" on the cover to my favourite "barista" at our office canteen. She is a young Slovak girl who, unlike the other staff, is not only friendly and quick, but who also remembers the orders of her regulars, one of which I am. I really appreciate the fact that she knows what type of coffee I want and just gives me a nod to ask if it will be the usual. When I got my coffee I handed her the symbolic thank you and she beamed from one ear to the other, clearly pleased by my gesture. Small things like a compliment or friendly smile can contribute to make someone's day, provided they are sincere and not come across like copy/paste smalltalk.


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