Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 41: Time | Solo Act

I am still giddy with excitement that my working week is so much shorter now and my overall good mood has the welcome side-effect of not letting the "pubescent" behaviour of certain people get to me, that would have bugged me quite a bit a few weeks earlier. Hallelujah! Ain't got no time for THAT. The only caveat of my new abundance of spare time is that there is a certain scarcity of people to enjoy it with, i.e. who are free the same days and/or have as much playtime pocket money. #firstworldproblems, I know, but it still makes me feel a bit out of synch with everyone else. After all, happiness increases if you share it with someone. Even so, I am SO not complaining and have been very productive in various areas, tackling several domestic projects, taking evening classes, cooking fancy things just for myself, and enjoying every minute of it. As the t-shirt (which I bought in Sydney 5 years ago) says, I choose to be happy, and it's an awfully good choice!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 40: Happy | Falling into Place

I came back from my vacation to the best news ever. It might not be a big deal, or in fact a desired scenario for some people, but for me, working part-time - for the same company - has been a dream for a long time. I now have Fridays off, or, to be precise (I have been annoying friends and colleagues with this piece of information all week), my weekend now lasts from Thursday afternoon to Monday 12:00. If you have any ideas for nice weekend-breaks, bring them on! If you are free to travel with me, let me know! I literally jumped with joy and had a smile on my face all week. Suddenly, everything else also seemed to fall into place or happen according to my wishes and I was reminded of the unfairness that rich actors or models get glamorous robes, jewellery and professionally applied make-up for free, whereas mere mortals can not afford any of that and getting things for free would be so much more appreciated by someone who does not "have it all". Be that as it may, richness or happiness seems to attract more of the same (or you could just say, misery loves company) and even people in my life who have been outright rude not to long ago are on their best behaviour. I'm certainly enjoying all of it while it lasts...

Thursday, October 06, 2016

The One that Almost Got Away

Like any bag lover, or in fact any collector of anything whatsoever, will tell you, there are certain things you spot that make your heart beat faster and that you instantly fall in love with and would like to add to your collection immediately, but for some reason you decide to sleep over it. In my case, I had spotted *this* bag (or rather its identical twin) at LV in Dublin on a business trip in April. I was not aware of this particular limited edition cruise collection and immediately knew I wanted it. Badly. I was a bit indecisive since there were 2 other prints of the same collection that were pretty cool as well, but essentially, I was not sure I could justify getting another "Neverfull" style tote (retailing at almost 3 times the price of the one I had at home). Also, I was hoping to be able to find it in the LV flagship store in Vienna, conveniently/dangerously located within spitting distance of my office. Not so, though. Turned out they did not have anything from the limited edition range with the exception of an unexciting cosmetic pouch. Bummer. Summer sale came and went and even though I did not have any particular bags on my wishlist, I ended up buying *caugh* 5+ more items, including my beloved Proenza Shouler bucket bag. It would be a lie to say I had sleepless nights over this bag and could not get it out of my mind. I had not forgotten it, however.
When I was in Dublin again in September and idly strolling through the Brown Thomas department store (the only place to get LV in Dublin) again, I could not believe my eyes when MY bag, the one who almost got away, was still sitting there, obviously having my name in capital letters in fluo writing visible to me only. As I was in the company of a friend and it was only a few minutes before the store closed, I slept over it again and returned the following evening to whip out my credit card. At that time, I was not sure if I would still be gainfully employed in October, but thought "Eff it, I'm worth it and it might be a good consolation prize/mood-lifter if nothing else". In fact, it ended up becoming my "lucky bag" since that same week, a silver lining appeared on the horizon and I am now happier than ever. Well, this might just me trying to justify spending in excess of 1000 EUR on an accessory, so let's just say I am very happy with my purchase ;-)

Monday, October 03, 2016

Week 39: Away from it All | Uplugged

I had SUCH a nice week in/on Ibiza. I enjoyed the last rays of sunshine this summer, saw spectacular sunsets every night, read 2 books by the pool, realised just how long my phone battery lasts when I have WiFi switched off and don't "need" to check social media or e-mails in 2-minute intervals, visited the famous place that provided the soundtrack to my early naughties (did all your friends own all volumes of the Café del Mar lounge music series as well and every time you were at a dinner party the same songs would be playing in the background?) and had a great time people-watching and bitching about badly dressed Brits. PPS and I discovered we were an absolute minority since a) wearing clothes that actually covered more than 15% of our bodies and b) did not have a single (real) tattoo. Hope your week was a good one too.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 38: OMFG! | Overjoyed

I am well aware of the fact that my recent weekly "snippets" radiated a lot of cryptic doom and gloom and I might have sounded like a maniac depressive more often than not. Believe me, the whole year so far really was a very unsettling and somewhat schizophrenic period. The latter due to the fact that I was working regularly during my 3-months termination period (I had to sign my termination agreement due to the fact that my previous job role did not exist any longer, and the current one was a temporary maternity cover) with one disappointment after the other regarding interesting openings, but yet getting more praise and gratification at work than ever before in my career. After years in Sales, which I never really warmed to, I really felt like I had arrived at a job that I had always dreamed about and was well-suited for. Now, at the very last minute and after months of literally blood, sweat and tears, the proverbial silver lining appeared on the horizon and the absolute BEST best case scenario that I secretly dreamed about, materialised. I am beyond happy! I never for a minute was afraid of ending up unemployed, but not feeling appreciated by "the system" seriously deflated me and it took quite a bit of effort to separate the task at hand and the people who continued to have faith in me and my capabilities, from my lingering bitterness and those people who caused me nothing but frustration and hid behind legislation and red tape. A life lesson (in particular for an impatient creature like me) for sure and confirmation that once more my mantra that everything is going to be all right in the end, IS true.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 37: Adrenaline | Never a Dull Moment

"Boring" and "predictable" are arguably the most dangerous adjectives ever. They have certainly been known to make me do my fair share of stupid things after they have bubbled under the surface for a long time. But not only stupid: when I was a student and had little money, but a lot of free time and a new sewing machine, I would redecorate my first apartment in Vienna in short intervals, usually by buying a large amount of cheap fabric and making new cushion covers. In a parallel universe, I'm an interior decorator. Boredom and predictability played an important role in me quitting my long-term relationship of 11 years and job of 9 years in short succession. Both were pretty traumatic and tearful at the beginning, but at the same time I still had no doubts that it was the right decision and if nothing else, it has taught me that if you can survive scary shit once, you can do so again, with the added bonus of knowing that you'll come through at the other end. Part of me also loves flirting with drama to some extent and the feeling that "ANYthing could happen" to me, with a certain amount of cluelessness paired with an equal dose of recklessness makes me as excited as it has me afraid.
I am currently in exactly such a phase where I feel I keep replacing the master-script to my life and every time I have found it and have immersed myself in the next chapter, some major editing occurs by other contributors to the document and I think "Oh, that could be quite interesting, too. Why not". 
I may have sleepless nights and a head exploding with questions, but I am certainly enjoying the possibilities.
In other notes, my bag collection embraced one of my absolute dream bags recently. But this deserves a separate post.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 36: Déjà Vu | You Always Meet Twice

I was in Dublin for the greater part of last week (staying in 3 different hotels, by the way) and it was an intense exercise of Déjà Vu, ranging from not only not being able to avoid certain people who have been causing me a lot of emotional trauma earlier this year - I think we can all guess which department they might work in - but having to engage in smalltalk with them, to bumping into random people "out of context" and staring at each other until it dawned on one of us where we knew each other from. Funniest example - one Irish girl who incidentally sits next to my manager also had the impression that she knew me from somewhere when I finally approached her at some evening event. We found out that it must be from Sydney, where she had worked for years before coming to Dublin. It became clear that we had not met as some kind of training or summit in Europe recently, as I had initially suspected. The it dawned on me - I have plenty of pictures of her, and one of the two of us together, wearing "shower caps" and holding our hands up, covered in cocoa powder - we both attended a voluntary chocolate making session by a famous French pastry chef back in November 2011 at our Sydney office. It's a small world indeed!
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