Monday, January 15, 2018

So Many Places, so Little Time

The new year is barely 2 weeks old and I am already busy planning my various mini-breaks. It's unlikely that I will manage to renew my Star Alliance Frequent Traveller Status this year (and believe you me, I am prepared to go to extremes in trying to do so), but I still have quite a few things planned and want to use my 25 days of annual leave wisely. In Austria, you usually earn an extra 5 or so days after 20 years in the same company or industry, but having chaged jobs and fields of work in 10-year-intervals in the past it's unlikely I will ever climb to that "next level" either, so I'll just have to work with what I have. I have also never been on a flextime contract where overtime can be converted into time off, so those 25 days, they are precious as gold to me. I will definitely take another sabbatical again if the opportunity presents itself as to me, time is always more valuable than money. Enough disposable income to enjoy your time off to the max is a precondition, though and therefore I am o.k. with having to work until I win a ficticious lottery (I don't play), meet a billionaire who proposes to me and/or makes me the sole heiress of his estate (somewhat unlikely) or become filthy rich in my own right (hm, will look into that). Until plans A, B, or C work out, I will grace the office with my decorative presence.

Monday, January 08, 2018

Reincarnation Nine to Five

I assume we all know people who look eerily similar to some film star or TV personality, or our mean PE teacher from school, but have you ever encountered people who might look completely different but in their behaviour seem like the long lost twin or reincarnation of somebody else? Recently, I repeatedly catch myself mentally labelling people in my new office with names of previous colleagues, because they really remind me of them with regards to attributes like ambition, humour, a tendency to create name it. Very likely it's simply a sign of becoming old that you naturally accumulate a rolodex-like inventory of people to cross-reference, but funnily enough in my case I only seem to meet "twins" of people I (used to) know in a work context. Has this ever happened to you?

Monday, January 01, 2018

What. A. Year!

2017, I really liked you! So many good things happened, so many happy memories were made. I can't remember when I did not feel mopey and sarcastic in the slightest when looking back on a year, but  this time, I only feel content (or, to put it in Instagram-speak #blessed). I am not one to bear grudges for long and therefore I chose to forget the stressful moments of uncertainty that happened this past year, such as not knowing if I would end up unemployed. It turned out that I found a new job seamlessly and managed to enjoy almost 2 months of sweet doing nothing in between employers. The no-expenses-spared trip to Australia with my Mum that I had planned with military precision turned out just as wonderful as I had hoped it would and we both not only enjoyed it, but managed to not annoy one another too much, which is no little feat. This was the grandest, but by far not the only trip I took this year, and travelling remains one of my most loved things ever. I really miss those business trips with the Firm, by the way, but hey, I can still kill my carbon footprint and conscience on my own budget at least. Last but not least, a friend who had been "dead" to me for several years unexpectedly returned to my life and has made it a lot richer and warmer ever since. On the other hand, I finally managed to let go of someone else who does not even deserve the term "friend" with quotation marks, and who had not done much to boost my mood or self-esteem, ever. Not so much that he is quite dead to me yet, but we're getting there.
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