Monday, January 29, 2018

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When this post goes live, I will be a year older. Yay! 46 years old to be precise. If you think this sounds horribly old, I will agree and also take a guess that you are still in your twenties or (early) thirties.  When I was a teenager, 46 sounded semi-dead to me. Seriously. My mother was that age when I was 21 myself and while she has always looked admirably young for her age (and still does, at 70) and been very active, there was no doubt that this was the type of age where you would have achieved *everything* (aka had children, bought a house and got a job you knew you would work in until your retirement). Now that I have reached this number and have not actually ticked off any of these things I had taken for granted when I was younger, I of course think very differently and yet am very VERY happy and content with my life and the fact that I am slowly, but steadily heading for my 50th birthday. Which sounds really old no matter how many funny cards want to assure you that 50 is the new 20 and you will age like good wine. I might think very differently in 4 years time, but right now, I am determined to throw a big party (like I did no my 30th and 40th) and celebrate life together with my friends. In fact, on Saturday night as I was enjoying cocktails with my favourite party people we were talking about our half century birthdays and I checked online what day of the week January 29, 2022 will fall on. Well, it happens to be a Saturday. Bam! All I'm saying is: save the date, people!


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