Monday, November 20, 2017

It Could Be So Easy

Wouldn't it be great if you could just count on nice, clean, odourless toilets for free whenever you need one? Newsflash, what unfortunately is a utopia for Austria and many European countries is in fact already reality in Australia and many Asian countries (Japan, South Korea, Singapore). In Vienna, I would only ever use a toilet in a metro or railway station or other public place if I absolutely HAD to, knowing that they will inevitably be smelly and/or dirty and likely cost 0,50 € to use them. In Sydney or Tokyo, however, you will find spotlessly clean and absolutely pleasant toilets everywhere. Australia definitely is the undisputed number one of my personal public toilet chart as unlike the above mentioned Asian countries it only has Western style toilets in its cubicles. This high Australian standard never seizes to pleasantly surprise me and I feel like a peasant coming from a third world country as we are nowhere near this standard in Europe. I pity Australians when they encounter our poor standards for the first time.


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