Monday, October 23, 2017


[First World Problem Alert] Does this picture make you uncomfortable or slightly stressed? Well, why should it. At first sight, it does not trigger these emotions in me, either as it is actually a photo of thingsI love: my books and magazines in my favourite reading nook. Not pictured: my super comfortable Jolly chair where I am writing this post. What makes this still life less than perfect is the fact that I never seem to be able to work off my pile of magazines or book backlog completely. It's the offline equivalent of an inbox with dozens of unread e-mails. None other than me is to blame as I don't have to hoard books or download them to my Kindle, nor buy magazines. I actually only have two magazine subscriptions left, but this does not mean I don't buy them or grab them for free in airline lounges. Essentially, I am a glossy mag magpie and I love reading them, too. Magazines are my favourite side dish when laying by the sea/lake/pool or in the bathtub. They make weekend more colourful, too. However, there is always other stuff to do or YouTube channels to watch so I never quite seem to be able to completely diminish the pile. And it stresses me. Seeing this pile of unread reading material is like an to-do-list with no items ticked off, i.e. a failure of some kind. Does it keep me from adding to this pile? Nope. #newyearsresolutionmaterial


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