Monday, September 25, 2017


My new job is not that new anymore and I have answered the question "How do you like it there?" about two dozens times by now. It recently made me reflect on why I have actually liked all of my workplaces so far - not always the tasks I was required to carry out, mind you, but the people I worked with, even if they happen to be a VERY diverse crowd. I realised that I might have a - possibly rare - quality that I had never realised I possessed: adaptability. It now makes sense that I was always one of rather few people who got along with their hosts/exchange partners during language trips at school. Even if people are very different from me and I don't always understand what they are doing, I can grow to like (working with) them.
I know that "flexibility" might be the sexier, more popular term for this concept, but it has become a bit stale and overused for my taste, to the point where it is used for too many things. Now please excuse me while I will add "highly adaptable" to the intro blurb of my cv.
EDIT: When a colleague took the Gallup Strengthsfinder survey, I could not quite remember my top five strengths and dug out my survey results. Et voilà: my top strength is: adaptability ;-)


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