Monday, September 04, 2017

Not Wasting All of It

If you are following me on Instagram (if not, you totally should...), my handle there is @wastingmytalent. In fact, I have had a GMail account with that name for ever and it once caused a funny situation. It was the e-mail address I used for a demo account associated with my previous job when I trained agencies in CEE and CIS. I would walk attendees of said trainings through the online interface of the tool I was teaching them how to use and int the top right corner,  you would be able to see said e-mail address. After one of the first trainings - I believe it was in Sofia - somebody approached me in the breaks. "I have a question. It's kind of personal..." Me, expecting him to ask me if I could land him a job at my company of some such: "Sure, shoot!" "Are you unhappy in your job?" Me. "?!?" "Well, I saw that e-mail address of yours..." I assured him that I was neither disgruntled, nor depressed and made a point of addressing this deliberately in all future trainings ;-)
Why am I telling you about this - well, recently, I seemed to have regained some of my creative mojo that I had sorely missed. It was not that I did not have any ideas, far from it, it was more that I never "got around to it". I still know that that one big project of mine, THE BOOK, has been shamefully neglected for months, but I don't even feel ashamed as I am currently itching to do more manual projects, like sewing or beading. Completely fine with that and happy with the results so far. I have so many ideas and wish weekends lasted 3 days at least...which is not a recent desire, however.


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