Monday, June 26, 2017

Wistful Thinking...

Every year at the end of the summer holidays, my teacher friends start pitying themselves (half-jokingly) when the new school year is about to start. The rest of us mere mortals who have to work with 25 days of annual leave don't exactly feel a lot of pity for them.  Well, I have to say that I am about to turn into one of these annoying complainers myself - having enjoyed 6.5 weeks of blissful doing only things I enjoy doing and not having to get up and go to the office, I have a heavy heart just thinking that I have ONLY ONE MORE WEEK off before starting my new job on July 3. Tragic, I know. Let's not forget that I worked 25 hours/week since October, too, so was not exactly burnt out. Be that as it may, I feel the past weeks just whizzed by at fast-forward speed and I secretly wish I could press "Pause" and somehow remain in holiday mode 6 months perhaps? 


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