Monday, June 05, 2017

Over and Out

The giddiness of having found a new job in a field that I am really interested in was replaced by a feeling of nostalgia and sadness earlier this week when I (briefly) visited my former office for the last time on Tuesday and Wednesday. I felt the same leaving Coma HQ even though the circumstances were  very different back then. I had colleagues I got a long with very well at both places, but this time, I also identified with the Firm, or the brand on a totally different level. Moreover, I had that end-of-an-era feeling and knew that despite the fact that there were a lot of mutual "let's keep in touch"-es and "we'll catch up again soon"s only time will tell which of your former workmates you will still be in touch with in a few years time. My Vienna colleagues (whom I was not technically in the same team with for the past 5 years) surprised me with a very, very nice DIY gift and a very, very generous monetary one, so I definitely left feeling duly spoilt and valued, but it was still weird. I left the office around 5 on May 31 and arranged to meet a friend afterwards as I realised I didn't want to just go straight home. When I did come home, it was definitely one of those days where I would have appreciated being welcome by someone who is interested in what I have been up to and basically anticipated that I am in a weird mood and need diversion and a cuddle. Thankfully, I had plenty of appointments on the remaining days of the past week and so melancholia gave way to excitement hat I have another month of dolce vita ahead of me. Here's to new beginnings!


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