Monday, April 03, 2017

From Meltdown to Midtown

Last week, on Tuesday afternoon, something happened to me that was like a badly scripted Hollywood movie. I received bad news that hit me really hard. Worst of all, I did not see it coming. Silly me. What is worse, I had interpreted the "IMPORTANT!!" in my calendar invite as a good sign and had been giddy the whole day. I'll spare you the details, but I had a little meltdown. And then another on Wednesday. And then, on Thursday, I left for New York with the Empress for a long overdue girly weekend break that we had talked about for years. The perfect diversion if there ever was one! As I a writing this, I am still there and enjoying every minute of it. Admittedly, the weather could be (a lot) better, but otherwise no complaints! I had last been to NYC in 2008 (twice that year, in fact) and had almost forgotten just how awesome this city is. Highly recommended if you need a change of scenery!


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