Monday, March 20, 2017

Hanging Out With the Kids

With very few exceptions, as an adult, I never really had friends who are considerably older than myself. In fact, when I was in my twenties, I found it positively odd that some people I knew counted people in their mid-thirties and even forties as friends and invited them to their birthday parties and weddings. When I started working at Coma HQ I was the youngest in my department and one of the youngest employees overall and only gradually realised that you could have fun and things in common with people older than yourself even when their lives and personal circumstances were quite different from your own.
Now, the situation is reversed and I have a lot of friends considerably younger than myself. This year, several of my colleagues who I get on really well with are turning 30, which makes me 1.5 times older than themseves. Eeek! On Saturday night, I was at a 30th birthday party, wondering what I must look like to attendees in their mid twenties. Will they wonder what such an old fart is doing there, or if I am one of the hostesses' mother or aunt? I used to be so intolerant and agist myself,  I would not even blame them in the least...


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