Monday, January 23, 2017

Things That Made Me Happy Last Week. (And Continue to Do So)

Wow. It's already 13 months ago that I last posted a "Things that Made Me Happy Last Week" post. I feel like reviving the "tradition", if only as a one off. I've had a really happy week this week (writing this on Saturday evening): I went skiing on Monday when most people were at work, enjoying fresh snow and empty slopes. It was magical and I almost envied myself. I also found the lovely snuggly navy Woolrich parka (down-lined with a fur-brimmed hood that is the first hood of a jacket or coat of mine that actually fits and keeps my head warm) waiting for me at the office that I had ordered the previous week. I had wanted one of these for years, literally, but never really researched where to find one on sale (didn't feel like paying full price). Wearing it feels like a hug or sleeping under a down blanket, tucked in by your grannie. Exactly a week ago I booked a weekend break in New York with the Empress. I am SO looking forward to our little adventure!
All in all, life is GOOD. I certainly can't relate when I see YouTube videos or magazine articles on how to "Beat the January Blues". January Blues? WTF? It's one of my favourite months of the year. I always feel full of fresh energy, ready to take on the new year, plus it's my birthday month. I don't mind that I am officially an old fart, I get excited every year and the older I get, the more I feel like celebrating it in style.
Work is busier than ever and it's sometimes challenging to work 40% less, but have to handle about 200% more tasks than when I was working full-time. I also still haven't even started looking for a new role as my current job will end in May this year, which is not that far away. Still, I am very calm and believe that something will come up that will be exactly right for me, and if nothing will immediately, it will be o.k. as well. I just have a gut feeling that 2017 is going to be a sensational year and am determined to enjoy every minute of it.


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