Monday, January 02, 2017

Week 52: Comfortably Predictable | Sloth 2.0

I don't know how your Christmas holiday went and where you spent it, but for me, there is only ONE way to do it "right" and this is the traditional way, i.e. spending it with my parents in KLU, in the Northern hemisphere, i.e. in winter. We are shockingly boring and non ceremonial on Christmas Eve, i.e. there is no singing and no reading from the Bible. Sorry about that. Mum and I always go to Midnight Mass (which takes place at 11 p.m. actually) and before that we eat Fondue (Chinoise, i.e. meat in broth), eat cookies and rip open presents, listening to traditional Christmas songs being performed by those who can do it so much better than we could. Recently, it's been mainly Mum who opens presents as she saves all the gifts she gets from her many friends and acquaintances and puts them under the trees. My parents will always get some books and these will be the books I grab first, the Christmas holidays being the only time when I read books in German. I devoured 4 this time plus stacks of miscellaneous magazines, most of them my own backlog from Vienna. Despite the fact that I always go skiing (weather permitting) and do some other outdoor activities like ice-skating and readily throw in a random cultural event, suggested by my Mum, I am basically a stationary object hogging the best spot on the living room sofa, being lazy and letting herself be spoilt by her parents. I get up for breakfast when I am sure my Mum has already gone downstairs to make coffee and the newspaper is next to my place. I don't help with lunch and am not expected to help with the dishes. Bliss! I am essentially a spoilt teenage brat for 10 days. I also don't feel a big urge to go out and am constantly sleepy (no doubt from all the sugar I consume in various shape or form) so it's as if I am recharging my batteries for my "wild" and restless life in Vienna where nobody fusses over me and I need to clear away my shit myself. May there be many more family lazy family Christmasses!


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