Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 47: Take Off | Itch: Scratched

I am writing and scheduling this post before taking off to London for a long weekend. I am not taking my computer with me this time and will be back very late on Sunday night. As I have mentioned before, I have really missed being on the road, even though I did really enjoy having more time to enjoy my (seasonally decorated) flat and see more of my friends. It's a weird thing, really, as I still dislike packing and unpacking and do enjoy a certain degree of domestic life immensely, but I love travelling itself and being "stationary" for weeks was simply not my routine in the past 4 years and took a while of getting used to. Unlike many people who claim to hate most aspects of travelling, even going on holidays, I still love the buzz at airports, enjoy flying itself and never get tired of people-watching when travelling. I guess it's just one of my favourite things to do and I miss it when I haven't taken off for a while. I am also going to be in Zurich later this week for a day only. Itch: scratched!


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