Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 40: Happy | Falling into Place

I came back from my vacation to the best news ever. It might not be a big deal, or in fact a desired scenario for some people, but for me, working part-time - for the same company - has been a dream for a long time. I now have Fridays off, or, to be precise (I have been annoying friends and colleagues with this piece of information all week), my weekend now lasts from Thursday afternoon to Monday 12:00. If you have any ideas for nice weekend-breaks, bring them on! If you are free to travel with me, let me know! I literally jumped with joy and had a smile on my face all week. Suddenly, everything else also seemed to fall into place or happen according to my wishes and I was reminded of the unfairness that rich actors or models get glamorous robes, jewellery and professionally applied make-up for free, whereas mere mortals can not afford any of that and getting things for free would be so much more appreciated by someone who does not "have it all". Be that as it may, richness or happiness seems to attract more of the same (or you could just say, misery loves company) and even people in my life who have been outright rude not to long ago are on their best behaviour. I'm certainly enjoying all of it while it lasts...


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