Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 33: Struck Chord | Target Group

Last week I went to see the film "Toni Erdmann" with my mother upon her suggestion. I had bookmarked watching it at the back of my mind, but have to say was as suspicious of the hype around this film as I was repelled by the off-putting fake teeth and crazy wig of its male protagonist. I did not even know it was a whopping 162 (!) minutes long and had an espresso before leaving for the cinema performance at 8 p.m. just in case it turned out to be lengthy and boring. In the end, I was completely sucked in by this film and would not have minded watching 162 minutes more of it in the same sitting. My Mum, however, was yawning theatrically next to me and afterwards said that she could not remember the last time she had watched such long-winded BS.  I could not believe it! Then I realised that it was a case of me being the perfect demographic or target group while she was not. The day after our cinema visit, I found out that a friend had seen it as well and said she had never cried so many tears of sadness and mirth at the same time in a film. I could not agree more. In case you are wondering just who I think IS the perfect target group for Toni E: anyone working in a big corporation and/or consulting, expat life or numerous business trips, as well as mild mildlife crisis optional. Go see it and report back to me please if you loved it or kept looking at the watch.


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