Monday, July 04, 2016

Week 26: Deflated | Not My Week Last Week

Can you please remind me not to jinx things? Last week's happy fuzzy sunshine mood was followed by a generous package of awfulness on several fronts, of the type where you feel a metaphorical ball of concrete in your stomach gaining size at an hourly rate. Not nice. And I'm not just talking about GB brexiting and Austria having to go all Groundhog Day when it comes to presidential elections (I fear for the worst!). While I actually despise people myself who are all about hint-hinting and don't reveal what they are so cryptic about, I'm just going to be one of those people today. Bear with me. Weirdly, when I am very upset (and the indicator for "very" for me is whether I have reached "projectile-nosebleeding-status"), I gravitate towards "strangers" for confidantes and value my friends for providing distraction and allowing me to forget what I am upset about for the duration of our conversation/time together. Thus, I had a pretty nice weekend. Am I weird? And, no, yours truly is not going all manic-depressive on you. I'm still confident that everything will be all right in the end. After all, I bought a bracelet with exactly this message to remind me.


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