Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 24: Public Viewings | A Murphy's Law Kind of Week

Last week I felt like a wound up tin toy, constantly running around, not necessarily in the right direction.  There was sh** on my mind that preoccupied and distracted me, I had people to chase at work (on behalf of someone else) that were unresponsive and everything that could go wrong did indeed go wrong. Mundane example - on Tuesday, I had agreed to go to a "public viewing" as non-native speakers of English like to call watching sports at a public place with a friend to see Austria play Hungary. She pinged me to say she was a bit late and would pick me up from the office a few minutes later and so I thought I would kill the time by touching up my make-up. I grabbed a blusher I keep in my drawer and wanted to dab it onto my cheeks. It is a loose (coral-toned) powder with a puff at the top, think of it like a salt-shaker construction. Well, the bottom part came off just and I ended up liberally sprinkling it over my desk, Mac keyboard, phone aaand my white trousers, where heaps of it landed on my thighs and in the crotch area. Standing up and shaking it off didn't work and so I went into the kitchen, trying to clean it with washing-up liquid and a sponge. Of course this resulted in pink wet patches - just the thing you need on white your crotch area. I wrapped my denim jacket around myself and we made a detour to nearby Tchibo, where I grabbed a pair of beige "cargo pants" and stuffed the disaster trousers in my bag. We ended up missing the entire first half of the game as all locations we had in mind, where "full", such as Herrmann Strandbar (pictured above) or even the huge area in front of City Hall that allegedly accommodates 25k fans. Well, not that we missed much, but it was another example of the week conspiring against me. It got decidedly better on the weekend, thankfully. 


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