Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 25: Sunshine in My Heart | I Really Am a Summer Person

I wasn't exaggerating when I recently wrote about how much I love the summer months. Sunshine and seemingly endless days really are the best mood lift I know. I feel so much happier and more energised and last week was no exception. Never mind that I might be unemployed in a few months (long story), am still old and single (even longer story) and our national football team caused small and big boys to shed tears of frustration by their bad performance, I was walking around with a huge smile and felt like hugging the world in ten minute intervals. The week started on a positive note with me and 12 more colleagues painting walls at a refugee shelter run by Caritas. It was a really gratifying experience and since I had organised everything, I was happy to hear my colleagues enjoyed it as well. I had a really good catch-up with my manager, who gave really nice feedback and I realised once more that work, for me, is all about the people I work with. I also attended some fun events with lovely people, so: happiness all around and even a major relapse on the "Don't!Pick!Up!Ignore!Him!" front didn't cause major drama.


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