Thursday, July 21, 2016

Gravitational Pull

Do you know this phenomenon at all? Let me give you some context. I live in 70 square metres all on my own and when I revamped my bedroom a few years ago, I had a little "creative corner" custom-made with a fitted desk and shelves. I could virtually see all the creative projects that would get done here:
I also recently gave away the huge desk in my guest bedroom/study that was the only "furniture legacy" from the days when I lived with Mr. TD and replaced it with a small desk that would take up much less space in the corner next to the window and just invited itself for novel-writing. Don't you agree?
In fact I have not sat down once since I put it there and not used my bedroom desk recently either except for painting my nails or filing letters. Where I spend most of my waking time in my flat is in fact here:
My trusty living-room sofa. Not even the most comfortable specimen, but still the place where I sit/lay most of the time. I can only explain this with some strange gravitational forces. Is it just me and my apartment?! Please don't tell me it is.


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