Thursday, August 25, 2016

Best of Beauty: My New(ish) BFFs

Ever since I cancelled my Glossybox subscription last year and stopped hoarding nail polish like there was no tomorrow or I was a centipede with way more nails to paint than I actually have, my stash of beauty products has gradually dwindled a bit since I have actually used up some stuff. This is not to say that I don't still get intrigued by new products or buy things upon recommendation of others. Case in point for the latter is my Babyliss "wonder brush" as I like to call it.  I ordered it in April as I fancied a nice blow dry that I could do myself (not an easy feat with longer, thick hair) and remembered my favourite Bulgarian colleague raving about her Babyliss brush. It only took watching a YouTube tutorial to get the hang of it and I have been using it pretty much every time I wash my hair. I am so addicted to looking nice that I even take it abroad with me. Definite recommendation if you are looking to tame your hair in 5 minute tops.
The other amazing discovery is a lip crayon by Spanish brand Camaleon. It is caleld the Magic Colour Stick and I randomly picked it up at a pharmacy in Barcelona while waiting to pay for my (shockingly expensive, by the way) tampons. There were several colours available, but being me, I had to pick up the weirdest of them all, the green one. Since I never owned one of these mood rings as a kid, I am weirdly drawn to cosmetics that change their colour upon application. I did not have high expectations as a) it was pretty inexpensive and b) lipstick has a tendency to fade on me after 10 minutes max, even if marketed as "long lasting". Therefore I was in shock when I looked myself in the mirror hours (!) later and still found my lips a nice shade of pink that really suits my skin tone. Unfortunately, I had no opportunity to return to that pharmacy during my brief visit and ended up ordering a backup (plus the red and grey one) on a Spanish website with an outrageously high shipping fee. I love all the colours, so if you are in the market for a flattering long-lasting lipstick and happen to be in Spain, stumbling upon these: grab them!


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