Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 38: OMFG! | Overjoyed

I am well aware of the fact that my recent weekly "snippets" radiated a lot of cryptic doom and gloom and I might have sounded like a maniac depressive more often than not. Believe me, the whole year so far really was a very unsettling and somewhat schizophrenic period. The latter due to the fact that I was working regularly during my 3-months termination period (I had to sign my termination agreement due to the fact that my previous job role did not exist any longer, and the current one was a temporary maternity cover) with one disappointment after the other regarding interesting openings, but yet getting more praise and gratification at work than ever before in my career. After years in Sales, which I never really warmed to, I really felt like I had arrived at a job that I had always dreamed about and was well-suited for. Now, at the very last minute and after months of literally blood, sweat and tears, the proverbial silver lining appeared on the horizon and the absolute BEST best case scenario that I secretly dreamed about, materialised. I am beyond happy! I never for a minute was afraid of ending up unemployed, but not feeling appreciated by "the system" seriously deflated me and it took quite a bit of effort to separate the task at hand and the people who continued to have faith in me and my capabilities, from my lingering bitterness and those people who caused me nothing but frustration and hid behind legislation and red tape. A life lesson (in particular for an impatient creature like me) for sure and confirmation that once more my mantra that everything is going to be all right in the end, IS true.


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