Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 36: Déjà Vu | You Always Meet Twice

I was in Dublin for the greater part of last week (staying in 3 different hotels, by the way) and it was an intense exercise of Déjà Vu, ranging from not only not being able to avoid certain people who have been causing me a lot of emotional trauma earlier this year - I think we can all guess which department they might work in - but having to engage in smalltalk with them, to bumping into random people "out of context" and staring at each other until it dawned on one of us where we knew each other from. Funniest example - one Irish girl who incidentally sits next to my manager also had the impression that she knew me from somewhere when I finally approached her at some evening event. We found out that it must be from Sydney, where she had worked for years before coming to Dublin. It became clear that we had not met as some kind of training or summit in Europe recently, as I had initially suspected. The it dawned on me - I have plenty of pictures of her, and one of the two of us together, wearing "shower caps" and holding our hands up, covered in cocoa powder - we both attended a voluntary chocolate making session by a famous French pastry chef back in November 2011 at our Sydney office. It's a small world indeed!


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