Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 43: Routine 2.0 | The Future is Bright

Four weeks down the line and having received my first "40% off" pay-check (in case you were worried on my behalf: I can more than comfortably survive) I have adapted to my new routine of working only 24 hours per week and enjoying long weekends every single weekend. With a national holiday or two strewn into the equation, this deal is even sweeter, but even so, I am in a permanently good mood and this is definitely my idea of the perfect work/life balance. It also gave me a bit of an efficiency boost and I have ordered (and already received) all my Christmas cards, edited my Christmas baking list and sorted my presents as well for the most part. I also have quite a few DIY projects lined up and am itching to do some much-needed decluttering of the usual suspects of neglected dark corners in my flat. All of a sudden the "so many insert objects or projects, so little time" saying no longer applies to me: I actually have time now. Bliss! I know that I am in a very privileged position to be able to indulge in "working light" and am all the more grateful for it, but I also feel that having worked full-time for almost 20 years now and started with a meagre salary, I have earned it.


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