Monday, November 07, 2016

Week 44: Clipped Wings | Where Are You off to Next?

Now that I have so much time on my hands, my calendar is suspiciously empty. It's not that I don't have friends to entertain me or that said friends are all busy with jobs and children, but also that many people have got quite used to ME being the busy one, or rather the "not physically present" one because of my frequent travelling. Most of that travelling in the last 3 years was of course business-related and since I don't have that same external-facing role any more, but a more "administrative" one that does not require much travelling at all, I miss it and have not quite adapted to being so "stationary" and with so much free time on my hands. Truth be told, I have really been enjoying being in domestic mode, i.e. getting some things done in my flat and enjoying my own place for a longer period of time. After a few weeks of this new reality I have seriously itchy feet and can't help thinking that all those luxuriously long weekends of mine are a bit "wasted" if spent in Vienna. Stupid, I know, but my inner travel agent is going wild with potential mini-break destinations. It's also what people first comment when I tell them about my new schedule. "Great, then you can leave on Thursday evenings and if there are early flights, go straight to the office from the airport on Mondays". Yep, so much for the theory. I do have a flight booked for the last weekend of November so my diary is not completely empty. With ski season almost here, I am also planning to visit my parents more frequently and hit nearby slopes.


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