Monday, January 09, 2017

New Year, New Bag!

Happy New Year, everyone! I'm not sure yet if there will be another posting "theme" in 2017, but I feel like sticking with those weekly Monday posts anyway. I will, however, always fess up to bag splurges here. Obvs, like!
Ever since buying a - preloved - Chanel bag last year, I thought that my handbag bucket list was pretty empty. Well, empty-ish. Let's just face it, there will always be new temptations. After reading/hearing several bloggers and Youtubers rave about the Gucci Soho Disco, I started coveting it. Conveniently, there is a Gucci store right opposite my office and so I popped in. Well, it turns out they don't make them in cool colours anymore and I did not felt like getting a boring one. Also, I have never been a fan of big logos and while only stitched on, the Gucci Gs are still very prominent on this bag.
During the Christmas holidays, one of my favourite virtual enablers, Amie of the Chase Amie YT channel mentioned the Anya Hindmarch Smiley bag in her Boxing Day Sales video. Since she also owns (and raves about) the Soho Disco and mentioned it holds a similar amount of stuff, I began looking into it and decided it was so much more me. The price-point is basically the same as the Gucci one, but I managed to find it for 50% off, woohoo, and decided to treat myself for my birthday. It has since arrived and been on its maiden cruise and I really love it:
It really is surprisingly spacious (I went to a club on a frosty night and put lambskin insoles in my ankle boots, which made them way too tight, so I ended up taking them out again once there. I could even fit those thick insoles into the bag) and the quality and attention to details is amazing. The signature smiley detail, "punctured" into the front is really subtle and won't look dated any time soon, I think. While there was a pretty unique turquoise/teal colour I instantly felt drawn to, I opted for this electric blue, which will definitely get more wear.
Speaking of of shopping. I have really restrained myself in the offline shopping scene recently, giving the Sale temptations a wide berth, but when I returned to the office last Tuesday, this is what my desk looked like. Ooopsie:
That huge black box in the background actually contained two tiny things from Furla, a coin purse and a bag charm (bought on Sale) that came in this massive box. Two parcels also contained birthday presents for other people. Just saying...


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