Monday, April 17, 2017

Singled Out

Do you know the feeling of having been singled out to experience something awful? Asking yourself "Why me?!"? I'd have to lie if I said I didn't, knowing all too well that like envy (which I really never experience) or jealousy (oh, yes, been there) these feelings are completely futile and destructive. When the Empress and I were in New York, we also visited the 9/11 Memorial museum on the site of the destroyed World Trade Center. As can be expected, it was very moving to relive that historical day right in its epicentre and see and hear so many sad things. It must be like the ultimate monument of WHY ME?! for everyone who lost loved ones in the terrorist attacks that day.
The first quarter of 2017 has been quite weird and unexpected in many ways for me and at times my enthusiasm at the beginning of this year has seemed ridiculously naive and hard to switch back on. Nonetheless, I remain excited and positive about what the coming months will bring, knowing that it is up to me myself to make good things happen. Whenever I am inclined to put my name down for the VIP guest list of the latest Pity Party, I remind myself that this is SO not my crowd and hopefully never will be. Life can be unfair indeed, but so far, I, personally, really have not had much reason to complain. Unlike a colleague at the Firm's Stockholm office whose husband was one of 4 people who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and sadly lost his life. We should all sometimes take a look behind news headlines to remind ourselves that most things can be regained or replaced and hopefully our own mundane first World dilemmas fall into exactly that category.


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