Monday, May 15, 2017


Above is my horoscope on my last day of (actual) work in my current job. Now that I have signed my contract for the new one, it seems that every other person knows someone who is either working there, or used to work there. It's the type of company that really is a household name (therefore this shall be its new name here, too - Household Name, HN for short). I find it quit amusing, having heard comments from both ends of the spectrum. Here are a few snippets:
Oh, I could introduce you to X if you want - she used to work there. She left because she was kind of bullied by her colleagues. 
- My neighbour worked there all his life and does not stop raving about how he loved it.
- A friend worked there and told me it was really bitchy and competitive. You know, a lot of women in leadership positions, do I need to say more...
- They're going to force you to join a union!
- You'll have to work long hours there, just be prepared.
- OMG, you'll find it so laid-back and slow. I heard that nobody is there on Fridays past lunchtime.
- I worked next door and ate in their canteen - really amazing food for canteen stuff.
- This will be tough for you, having to eat what they serve in that canteen there.
and on and on
I am determined to find out whether I like my colleagues, the food, the work-life balance, you name it myself.


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