Monday, July 10, 2017

New Kid on the Block

The question I answered most often last week was "AND, how was your first day/week in your new job?". The answer I gave was always the same: "Super nice colleagues, very nice so far, but the hardware/software shock was just as hard as I thought it would be." Just to give you an idea - it has been years since I worked with Windows and have never in my life tried to schedule a meeting with MS Outlook. OMFG! What literally was 2 clicks with Google calendar now takes about 15 separate steps and makes me want to scream. I didn't even know Internet Explorer is still around and it feels so much more non-intuitive than last time I used it (which was probably back in 1995). I'd love to meet some of the software engineers responsible for making me feel like a computer-illiterate granny and shake them. Very hard. Possibly also slap them.
The first thing I did was order a laptop sleeve for my work laptop (a HP Probook...not TOO bad) as the laptop case that came with it is reminiscent of what might be cutting edge design in North Korea. I asked a colleague if it was o.k. to have stuff sent to the office and she said that it was as long as it was something like books, which could as well be for professional use, but "you know, we've had people who had fridges sent to the office."
I was introduced to so many new people last week at work that my temporary storage obviously reached max capacity. At the second of two birthday parties on Saturday, I managed to re-introduce myself to somebody I had just spent 5 five minutes talking with...


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