Monday, July 03, 2017

Back to *School*

While half of Austria is in summer holiday mode (summer holidays in Vienna have already begun and students in other parts of Austria only have one week to go before they are off for 2 months, too) and you can feel a lazy vacation vibe in the air, yours truly, however, is swimming against the current and is beginning her new job today. It's a somewhat weird feeling to already have enjoyed a good dose of summer - thanks, dear weather gods for working with me, here! - and have the type of tan lines in June that I usually only see at the end of August, if at all. I am definitely well refreshed and ready for returning to a new treadmill, but I feel very out of synch with my teacher friends who are now breathing a long sigh of relief after intense weeks running up to their well-deserved summer break. For me, it's back to "school" now and I am very curious to find out how I like my class and teachers.


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