Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Great While it Lasted

How time flies...tomorrow, I will be back at the office after 3 months. Am I looking forward to it? Well, I am certainly looking forward to seeing my colleagues, some of which have become friends over the years, but I am not really thrilled to sitting in the office again. 
Do I feel changed after those 3 months as my manager assured me I would: nope. I have, however, realised some things, or rather gained confirmation of things I already thought I knew before...such as: I am not the type who enjoys travelling (and living out of a suitcase) for longer than 3 weeks. Oh and I really suck at packing light, regardless of how hard I try. I began to look forward to home in my last week away, which had never happened to me, not having travelled (not counting living abroad here) for longer than 2 weeks before this recent trip. I also had an inkling that I would miss company on the road, and I did, in Japan at least. If only for somebody to have dinner with in nice restaurants and go out for drinks afterwards, as this is definitely something I don't do on my own. Also, I more than ever realised that I would LOVE to be able to work part-time, or at least have one day off, preferably Monday. We shall see.
Now, looking back onto some of the things I had planned for my sabbatical, I only managed to accomplish about half of them. However, several were due to the exceptionally good weather we had this summer and in my book outside activities >indoor/computer-based ones. No blog design revamp, no almost-finished novel (I wrote 8 chapters which I regard more or less finished, the rest is in draft status, but I am still happy I at least got started, which I find the hardest), no Russian revision. Yes, I could have learned Russian vocabulary by the lake, sea, or pool, but I preferred to read novels or magazines (of which I did buy less than usual).
I failed miserably on the digital detox front as I thought I would and equally, if not worse, on the "person detox" one. I guess both are a longer process, or just not meant to happen yet, which I have decided not to beat myself up about.
Tomorrow it's back to worker bee mode and I just baked a cake to ease myself back into the routine...


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