Friday, September 18, 2015

Travelgram #20

Let's be honest. The torrential rain and grey skies all day yesterday gave my sunny Australian mood a bit of a slap in the face. I guess I am just spoilt by good whether on all my trips. I don't mind rain as such at all, but when you are in a city for a limited amount of time, you want to have picture-perfect weather and not have to fiddle around with your umbrella every time you enter a shop or museum. Plus, walking around for hours in wet shoes is a fast ticket to a cold, which I combatted with all the drugs I have with me. Today was much better, though, with only the occasional light drizzle and I revisited some of my favourite districts in Tokyo, one of which is Asakusa, home of the famous Sensoji Temple.  After having walked through its busy streets and resisted buying something from every store, I spotted a sign of the Amuse Museum, which I had not seen, nor visited before. I was the only visitor (the only guard was asleep in the dark room that showed a film about Ukiyo-e theatre) and discovered their rooftop viewing platform with a panoramic view of the district and beyond.


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