Saturday, September 19, 2015

Travelgram #21

No post about Japan would be complete without at least one of these hilarious "English" signs, such as the above ones in Yokohama's Harbour View Park. I am still holding my breath from trying to to make a noise and stopped my notorious fireworks activities on the spot.
The weather gods had heard my complaints and gave me sunshine today for my little excursion to Yokohama, which has long merged with Tokyo, i.e. can be reached by Tokyo metro and many other fast connections. It is only a 20 minute ride away from the area where my hotel is located and the ticket fare is little over EUR 2. I visited the famous Shin-Yokohama Ra(u)men Museum, which is really a little theme park, and the equally famous Chinatown plus some obscure museums. If you are ever in Tokyo and feel you have ticked off all the usual suspects on your sightseeing list, do pay Yokohama a visit!


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