Monday, February 01, 2016

Week #4: Rollercoaster | Ups and Downs

Last week started on the same emotional note as the previous one finished, but then decidedly got better and I spent a lovely "Birthday Eve" having cocktails with many of my favourite people in a lovely new bar that I had booked as Plan B originally, but that I will definitely return to. It was a good strategic move to take Friday, my actual birthday, off, as I was half dead until noon. I possibly had the first real hangover of my life and am not planning to repeat that experience. By Friday night I was revived again and fit for jumping up and down to Ellie Goulding. A great concert. Saturday was good too with a lovely unexpected gift (and one to myself, more about that soon) and 2 good exhibitions (picture above from one of Olafur Elisasson's kaleidoscopes). On Sunday the mood curve went downwards again with most of my friends off somewhere due to their kids' semester break and myself having too much time on my hands to let a certain somebody's (predictable) behaviour get to me. Here's to you, February!


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