Monday, January 18, 2016

Week #2 | Gratification: Not an Impostor after all

Last week I was in Warsaw. The reason for the trip was an 2-day-event I organised. It was the third (and last, under my lead at least) and the participants were 25 people from 9 countries I have personally "hand-picked" over the course of 3+ years. We had so much fun and I got great heart-warming feedback. You could call it a success. I don't know about you, but I often suffer from impostor syndrome, not in the sense that it keeps me up at night or that I feel inferior, but I am am a) not ambitious and b) often feel guilty that several people I know who work their lovely little behinds off in their respective jobs earn a fraction of the number on my paycheck than yours truly who never replies with "stressed" when someone asks how work is going. I have immense respect for my friends who have "real" grown-up jobs such as doctor or solicitor, teacher even, whereas the field I work in tends to take abstract concepts extremely seriously and I sometimes can't suppress a little Whatevs thought. Adressing "my" bunch in Warsaw, seeing them get to know it other better, enjoying the fun activities I tought up for them and staying interested and engaged with their laptops closed and smartphones out of reach gave me gratification and made me think that, possibly, I wasn't an impostor after all.


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